Steve Slater

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Steve Slater
Steve Slater in action!
F1 Commentator
Nationality : British
Date of Birth : 1957
Place of Birth : Darlington, England

You either love him or you hate him, there are very few people who know Steve Slater and have an in-between opinion! But no matter what you think of him, for scores of F1 fans in South East-Asia and the Middle-East, a Formula One race cannot begin without the animated voice of Steven Slater saying, “The five red lights go out and the 2009 Australian Grand Prix is GO!”

Viewers of the sport in this region have got so tuned to the voice of this passionate F1 commentator and his customary signature comments on a race, that the sport seems rather mute without his precise, colourful remarks and annotations. Sure, he does make mistakes and on-air goof-ups but just the life that he breathes into LIVE commentary, can convince many an F1 viewer to grant him divine forgiveness for his human mistakes!

Some F1 followers even have complaints that he tends to be blatantly biased with his commentary but Slater- likeevery broadcaster who was a fan first and then a broadcaster - has his favourites and he has no qualms about admitting them. We don’t have a problem either, as long as he continues to add to the flavour of a race weekend with his trademark energy and passionate commentary.

Nicknamed “Biggles”, this commentator began his career 20 years ago and has spent the last decade with ESPN-StarSports as their main LIVE analyst. He also plays the role of an expert during their post-race shows. He, along with the subdued Chris Goodwin make a fantastic ‘Fire n’ Ice’ combination while they narrate every event during a race with marked passion. If you ignore the occasional goof ups and the often audible bias, you will learn to love Steve Slater, who is a gem of a commentator and one who can all but be called the ‘Voice of F1’ in this part of the World.

  • Steve is a qualified light aircraft pilot and owns an aircraft restoration company.
  • He has spent 10 of his 20 years in commentary with ESPNStarSports.
  • He was an ardent Michael Schumacher fan but now seems to supports fellow-Briton Lewis Hamilton.
  • The Italian GP of Monza is his favourite Grand Prix

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