No restraints on Raikkonen from team

© Ubaid Parkar, 14 December 2011
© Lotus Renault GP

Lotus Renault GP has indicated that it will not place restrictions on Kimi Raikkonen despite the dangers of the Finn hurting himself in events outside of Formula 1.

The 2007 world champion recently hurt his wrist, albeit not seriously, during a snowmobile race prompting fears of what happened to Robert Kubica during his horrific crash in a rally last year.

But the team acknowledges that such activities form a part of the driver’s personal life, and will stay clear from it.

"It is part of our job to do things that are risky, we do it commercially and corporately, Kimi does it in his own life," Group Lotus CEO Dany Bahar was quoted on Reuters. "I like these characters. It's unfortunate if he hurts himself but it's part of life.

"Kimi is Kimi and it will be difficult to change the way he lives," he added.

"It's not something we are focused on from a group perspective, saying: 'This is Kimi now you have to do everything to protect him from going out of his own house'. It doesn't work."

Bahar pointed out that it was Raikkonen’s performance on track that would matter to them.

"It's a different time and he has to deliver, and I think he realises that," Bahar said. "If we get the car right then the sky is the limit for us."


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