Red Bull dominance at Silverstone unlikely

© Ubaid Parkar, 5 July 2012
© AP Photo/Alberto Saiz

McLaren is not expecting Red Bull to run away from its rivals at the British Grand Prix this weekend with the pace that the defending champions displayed at Valencia.

Sebastian Vettel was set to register a dominant win at the preceding European GP after he pulled away by nearly a second a lap from his fellow competitors.

But McLaren believes that its upcoming home race would provide the British outfit some advantage considering the characteristics of the circuit.

“If you look forward to Silverstone it’s definitely more in line with where the McLaren’s strengths are,” sporting director Sam Michael said during a Vodafone phone in session. “However, it’s clear Red Bull have taken a step forward, although I don’t think it’s as big as the pace that Sebastian Vettel showed in that first stint and we are hoping to correct that at Silverstone.

“To get a second a lap in Formula 1 would be pretty impressive. When we arrive in Silverstone we’ll find out if that is the case. But I’d be pretty surprised if they maintained a second-a-lap gap to the rest of the field,” he added.

McLaren will introduce a raft of upgrades for the British GP with the package expected to even the playing field among the frontrunners if not provide the team with an edge.


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