Massa to look at other teams if needed

© Ubaid Parkar, 23 July 2012
© Ferrari

Felipe Massa isn’t concerned with how many drivers make enquiries with Ferrari to find out if there’s a seat available for next year as long as his own performances make a point.

Mark Webber, who recently extended his Red Bull contract for 2013, had revealed that he was in discussions with the Italian team for his future confirming the rumours that circulated, although Massa wasn't worried.

“I’m sure not just Mark but a big number of drivers have been in touch, have called Ferrari,” the Brazilian said. “That’s because I would say most of the drivers would love to drive for Ferrari!

“Ferrari is a great team and it would be nice to stay with them, but whatever the situation it is always important to get good results on track,” he continued. “Once you race for Ferrari, you never want to change: it’s an important team.

“If I didn’t feel okay, I would look around at other teams,” he added.

Webber, in contrast, was glad that discussions regarding his future were settled soon allowing him to concentrate on racing amid increasing speculation that he would leave the defending champions.

"Obviously we get ready to announce things when we're ready, and there comes a date when 'let's announce it', OK, done,” the Australian said. “We have to deal with this stuff in lots of different situations, on many different aspects of our stuff out of the car, and this was just one of them in contractual sense.”

Both the drivers however didn’t do particularly well at the German Grand Prix, with Webber finishing from where he started in eighth admitting that he just wasn’t quick.

Massa had it worse as he failed to score after his race was ruined by an accident at the start, forcing him to pit for repairs, compromising his outing in which he finished 12th.


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