Single DRS zone in Hungary

© Ubaid Parkar, 27 July 2012
© Mercedes

This weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring, known for its notoriety in the lack of overtaking, will be a good test of the effectiveness of the Drag Reduction System.

The DRS will be detected five metres after Turn 14 and will be activated 70 metres after the final corner, leaving the start-finish straight up to Turn 1 as the zone that will provide the trailing driver DRS-assisted overtaking opportunities.

"This circuit is known as a difficult one on which to overtake, but I think it’ll be possible to do so in the DRS zone down the pit straight," reckoned McLaren driver Jenson Button. "Elsewhere it’ll probably be tricky to make passing moves stick."

However, Lotus trackside operations director Alan Permane didn't share Button's optimism.

"Even with the DRS, the straight is not long enough to mount an overtaking bid unless a car ahead is suffering from tyre degradation or something else to slow them down," believed Permane.


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