Win during the Olympics ‘extra special’ for Hamilton

© Ubaid Parkar, 31 July 2012

Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix held even more weight as it came at a time when his country was hosting this year’s edition of the Olympic Games.

The McLaren driver registered his second win of the season, dominating from pole position, on Sunday although his country is yet to secure a gold since the Games began on Friday.

"I feel like we’ve done our part to contribute to what I hope will be many more British successes over the Olympic Games period,” Hamilton said. “Someone told me that we’ve scored Britain’s first gold medal of 2012. Well, it isn’t really that, is it? But it’s the first British victory of the Olympic Games period, which is pretty cool.”

The 2008 world champion sported a helmet evidently carrying the flags of Britain and Grenada, the origins of his paternal grandfather.

“I hope that it was visible,” he said. “I feel that I've done my part, even though we're not in the Olympics. I feel like I've done my little bit this weekend.

“I can't wait to at least watch it on TV,” he added.

Teammate Jenson Button too made his support clear by sporting a ‘Go Team GB’ sticker on his helmet.


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