P5 is not our ambition, says Mercedes' Ross Brawn

© Ubaid Parkar, 7 August 2012
© AP Photo/Alberto Saiz

Dissatisfied with the season so far, Mercedes will continue its efforts in providing its drivers a better car for the second half of the championship this year.

The German manufacturer’s performance trailed off after it won the Chinese Grand Prix in April, particularly in its last three races where the gap to its nearest rival widened.

Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn acknowledged that the outfit hasn’t achieved in what he called “consistent competitiveness” throughout the season but remained optimistic with nine races remaining.

“We are still working on strengthening the team, strengthening the designs to be more competitive in the future,” Brawn told the official Formula 1 website.

“I want to do better. P5 is not our ambition and we will do anything possible to end better,” he added referring to Mercedes’ position in the constructors’ standings.

Mercedes, which has three podiums this year including a win, trails Lotus by 83 points, courtesy of its eight podiums and several strong finishes.

But its seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher who has scored the least among the four drivers of the two teams, largely disadvantaged due to reliability issues.

“It was very unlucky for Michael - the problems that he had - but these problems have had a cause,” Brawn explained. “There has been a reason why they’ve occurred, which has nothing to do with Michael.

“It just occurred on his car and you categorically can’t see any reasons why they occurred on Michael’s car, but they have. So the fact is that something went wrong - and when something goes wrong it’s the responsibility of me and the team to not allow it to go wrong again,” he said.

“He had that many years perhaps benefiting from good fortune and this year he has some poor fortune, but I prefer not to believe in luck - not in motor racing,” Brawn added.


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