Excitement could fade away with random results

© Ubaid Parkar, 23 August 2012
© AP Photo/Balazs Czagany

Ross Brawn believes that the “random factor” should not take centre stage in Formula 1 as it would diminish the value of uncertainty.

Seven different drivers won the first seven races this season before settling down in the last four Grands Prix, although it remains difficult to predict who would emerge victorious next.

"I think there have been some random elements of this year that have been exciting, but I actually think that (the excitement) will fade after a while if it stays too random,” Brawn told Autosport.

"There is a funny analogy to fishing, which I was thinking about the other day. In fishing, the great thing is that a complete beginner can come along and catch a huge fish, because there is a randomness to it. That is what makes it really fun for participants - but that doesn't make it a very good spectator sport,” the Mercedes team principal reasoned.

"What we cannot have in motorsport is a randomness where you don't know who is going to win, and that you could work really hard to improve the car but your car doesn't suit the conditions and you are not competitive. That is not where we want to be," he explained.

Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers to have multiple wins this season so far indicating towards an emerging trend but curiosity still lurks around the next corner.

“One weekend with Red Bull you have Mark almost dominating, and the next weekend it is Sebastian - and no one really understands that,” the Briton said.

"I think there has to be a pattern. There has to be a team or two that are the reference point, and others are trying to beat them and aspire to beat them,” Brawn pointed out.

“We want to see the guys who are first and second in the world championship being out in front racing each other hard, not one in the midfield and one running away with it because that weekend they got the tyres right," he added.


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