Rivals ready to exploit 'exposed' Ferrari

© Ubaid Parkar, 1 September 2012
© Ferrari

Fernando Alonso’s assessment that Ferrari is the slowest car of the four front-running teams this season was shared by McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe.

The Spaniard is currently leading the championship but admitted that his car had a performance disadvantage compared to his immediate rivals, which could water down his hold on the standings soon.

"So that gives us cause for some encouragement. Of course Fernando has the points lead in the drivers' championship but, with 25 points for a win and without the quickest car, then they are exposed. And that is the opportunity that we want to exploit," Lowe told Autosport.

However he clarified there were other teams that stand to spring up and challenge for the title along with McLaren.

"I suspect there will be teams who are below that threshold who will be switching far more vigorously into 2013 development. So I think you will see that trend where three to four teams will be stretching out a gap to the rest, and we have seen that trend before," he pointed out.

But McLaren’s recent developments and upgrades could help the British team upstage its competitors.

"Although we are on the backfoot points wise, we have done all the calculations and made all our own estimates – and we think that we can put ourselves in a great position to win both championships still," Lowe asserted.


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