Hamilton, Button move on from Twitter episode

© Ubaid Parkar, 7 September 2012
© AP Photo/Lefteris Pitarakis

Lewis Hamilton will be picking up the pieces from his disastrous Belgian Grand Prix weekend, which included a significant blunder on Twitter, and move on.

The McLaren driver had tweeted telemetry data comparing his own and Jenson Button’s lap during qualifying at Spa ahead of the race, which upset not only his team but also his teammate.

“I had the head of the PR department ask me to take the picture off and I did,” Hamilton confirmed.

Button expressed his surprise when he spoke to the media saying he was disappointed that sensitive data was made public through the social networking website, but the actions won’t create a rift between the two British drivers.

“I haven't spoken to him, don't plan to, moved on from it,” Hamilton said. “Obviously it wasn't the best thing to do and it won't happen again, so move forward and focus on this race.”

Button reasoned that it was important to say how he had felt about it to clear things up as soon as possible although the two didn’t get enough time after the race last weekend to discuss it.

“Well, I think it was good to speak about it and not sit back and hope that the issue disappeared,” Button was quoted saying by the official Formula 1 website. “It was a mistake on Lewis’ part and he has already admitted that it was.

“Now it is in the past and I had a great weekend anyway so let’s move on. Let’s do our talking on the track,” he added.


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