F1 not a 'finishing school' for racing

© Ubaid Parkar, 16 September 2012
© AP Photo/Luca Bruno

The first lap crash at the Belgian Grand Prix earlier this month has drivers urging for the upcoming bunch to be aware of the dangers involved in motorsport and reduce risks in Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso was the luckiest of the four drivers who retired at Spa after Romain Grosjean’s Lotus flew over the Ferrari narrowly missing the Spaniard’s head, raising concerns about the driving standards of the latest signings.

"Looking at GP2 races, which is the feeder series, the driver standards there are appalling - bad, very bad - and they are coming in to F1,” former F1 driver Alex Wurz told Reuters. "It's something we clearly must work on that the feeder series are very strict and of the same standard as F1.”

Both Grosjean and Williams’ Pastor Maldonado, who has been penalised several times this season, have come up through the ranks of GP2, where racing is much closer than in F1.

Mark Webber suggested that drivers needed to take responsibility for their actions and channelize their aggression well.

"In the last ten years, the level of aggressiveness has ramped up a bit just because guys know that usually they'll be able to walk away from a crash,” the Red Bull driver wrote in his column on the BBC website. "I've always said F1 is not a finishing school when it comes to racing.

“The nature of F1 has changed with the Pirelli tyres and DRS - overtaking is easier now - so you don't have to be so desperate at the start. That is why it is a surprise to see some of the things that are happening on the first lap,” the Australian went on to explain.

“You do need to get involved but some guys are having more incidents than the others and they need to take that on board,” he said referring to Grosjean and Maldonado.

“We should be the best at what we do, racing in all conditions on all kinds of tracks, and driver etiquette has to match that,” he added.


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