Consistency key to title for Hamilton

© Ubaid Parkar, 20 September 2012
© AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

Despite McLaren emerging as the strongest team in the last three races, Lewis Hamilton is not taking anything for granted.

The Briton is currently second in the championship, after winning two of the last three races, but is seeking to cover all the little aspects to surpass Fernando Alonso’s lead in the standings.

"Fernando has been incredible consistent throughout the year, he's had a lot less problems than others have but that's the name of the game," Hamilton told Reuters. "You need a team that doesn't mess up in the pit stops, a car that's reliable and then you need to do your job.

"Unfortunately, I have come out (retired) a couple of times - or been taken out - and we have had a lot of pit stop problems but no reliability problems,” he pointed out. "So if we can continue the rest of the season by having the fastest pit stops, the fastest car and the most consistent driver then we should be able to win the title."

"The least I can hope for from this week is just to remain in the fight,” he added referring to the Singapore Grand Prix.


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