Alonso's new teammate has to be 'be better than Felipe'

© Ubaid Parkar, 20 September 2012
© AP Photo/Wong Maye-E

SINGAPORE -- Fernando Alonso didn’t make his opinion clear on who he would prefer as his next teammate but clarified that the candidate had to be better than Felipe Massa.

The Brazilian driver has been at the centre of speculation suggesting that he could be replaced at the Italian team next year, although Alonso indicated that Massa was perhaps the best option for now.

“If the team decides to change Felipe, someone that arrives has to be better than Felipe,” Alonso said referring to Massa’s past records.

“And all the names and all the things written, I don’t know if they are written with the head or from the heart.

“Because of all the names that you listen I don’t know you can even compare with the things Felipe has done in Formula 1 and what these little names did in Formula 1,” he pointed out.

However the Spaniard acknowledged that he would support Ferrari with any decision it would take.

“In my opinion we need to have a driver that respects Ferrari, who respects the tradition of the team and the fact that here, we work for the team, for the red cars,” he said. “That is the first priority.”


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