Drivers told to keep colourful language in check

By Ubaid Parkar, 9 November 2012
© Paul Gilham/Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

The FIA has notified all teams to ensure that their drivers don’t use inappropriate language as a part of ‘collective responsibility’ during the podium ceremony for Grands Prix.

In Abu Dhabi, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen slipped in words on the podium which the governing body believed was unnecessary forcing it to send a 'friendly' letter which aims to avoid such situations in the future.

“Last time you guys were giving me shit because I didn’t really smile enough,” race-winner Raikkonen replied when the Finn was prompted to share his emotions.

Later on the podium, Vettel said that he had a “chance to fuck it up” referring to his pit lane start from where he eventually finished third. The Red Bull driver later described the front wing he damaged during the race as “fucked” during the press conference.

The governing body said in the letter that “such language has no place during media events” as it “shines an unwelcome beam of adverse publicity on their teams and sponsors, the sport and FIA."

However, the FIA acknowledged that “in the 'heat of battle” such emotions are bound to seep in, but requested it keep it in check nevertheless.

"F1 drivers are not the only ones being interviewed in such conditions: I think of boxers, rugby and football players who are routinely interviewed live on television after a gruelling sporting effort. They manage to avoid inappropriate language," said the letter.


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