Austin to give F1 the leg up in U.S.

By Ubaid Parkar, 20 November 2012
© AP Photo/Luca Bruno

A scintillating show on a promising circuit was needed to grab the attention of America, and Formula 1 did just that at the United States Grand Prix on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton boldly went past Sebastian Vettel for the lead of the race and maintained it till the end as the two put on a steep challenge for a win while more action unfolded further down the order as well.

With plenty of battles and overtaking crowned with a championship battle, it set the right expectations in a market that F1 has been seep into for a long time. And now light has shone through.

"The future of F1 in the USA? I think we'll finish with three races here within the next three years," F1boss Bernie Ecclestone was quoted saying by Reuters. "The race was fantastic wasn't it? Really was a super race.

"If you tried to plan this, to have the (title) race finish in Brazil, you couldn't have done a better job,” the 82-year-old pointed out. "Everybody is very happy here. The governor's happy, they're all happy. You feel good when you've done something that works."


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