Kubica rules out racing single-seaters for now

By Ubaid Parkar, 20 November 2012
© AP Photo/Marco Giustinioni, Courtesy of the Rally di Como

Robert Kubica won’t be racing in single-seaters anytime soon as the arm that he injured in a rally crash last year hasn’t fully recovered yet.

The Pole has been sidelined from Formula 1 since his horrific accident in a rally in February of 2011 and although he has been participating in minor events this year, the route to the top league is still out of reach.

"For the, let's say future, I don't have any plans up until now. In the end, I am still at the stage of rehabilitation but for sure I would love to compete in a high level championship, or in a rally or on a circuit," Kubica told Reuters.

"Let's see, until now I did some rallies, I did some testing on the race track and I hope my hand will improve and my general condition will improve," he added.

Recently, the 27-year-old won the Rally di Como, a minor league event, behind the wheel of a Citroen World Rally Championship car, indicating that he is still competitive in motorsport.

But a return to F1, or any other single-seater car for that matter, isn’t on the cards just yet due to his weakened arm.

"It is has been a long time unfortunately (since) I stopped with Formula 1, so my contacts are very limited because in all these months I have been concentrating on coming back and getting my health and body back to the best condition,” he said.


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