Authentic 'Rush' more about characters than F1

By Ubaid Parkar, 4 December 2012
© Ferrari

Oscar-winning director Ron Howard has promised that his movie based on the 1976 Formula 1 season will be close to the real thing and the battle for the championship battle will be accurately depicted.

Set to release in September next year, the production of ‘Rush’, which focusses on the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, is "95 percent" complete with early test screenings providing a positive response to the filmmakers.

"It's really the characters that drew me to it and my curiosity with the world, and I also believe that, as a director, new technology was now there for us to recreate it in a very authentic way," Howard was quoted saying by AFP. "People can't tell the difference between what's an archival shot and what's something that we've created.”

The award winning director said that he intended 'Rush' to be told in a “powerful way to make it even more meaningful to an audience” and the material he gathered from the season was more than enough to graft a story.

"I had to simplify (the facts)...the reality is that I could do five seasons of a television series on the '76 season," he said. "We collapsed it into two hours and what we're discovering is people who know nothing about the sport find it really entertaining and exciting and emotional and so far people who do know the sport also find it very authentic.”

Howard insisted that the movie is not about the sport but about the characters involved and “what they went through” presenting his project with a fresh and interesting view for the audiences.

"I know I've had a lot of very commercial movies, but I'm not a marketing guy, I don't think that way,” he said.

"I didn't think Apollo 13 would be very commercial and it made the top ten that year. I do my best to try and make it an experience for the audience so that the majority of people who go will come away feeling that they got something out of the movie," he added.


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