Electric power pit lane rule postponed until 2017

By Ubaid Parkar, 5 December 2012
© AP Photo/Mark Baker

Formula 1 will delay the introduction of regulation that will require all cars to be driven exclusively under electric power in the pit lane.

The rule was to be enforced in the 2014 season but after a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council on Friday, the concept has been postponed until 2017. No reason was provided for the delay.

At the meeting, a new draft with numerous changes were discussed and agreed by the F1 Technical Working Group and Powertrain Working Group for the 2014 season.

A number of changes have also been made to the power unit regulations with the aim of limiting technology in some areas in order to reduce development costs.

Changes made to bodywork design for 2014, originally aimed at reducing downforce and drag for increased efficiency, have reverted to 2012 specification.

The minimum weight limit has been raised to compensate for additional power unit weight as per the 2014 technical regulations.


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