Perez ‘still a child’ says ex-McLaren manager

By Ubaid Parkar, 19 December 2012
© AP photo/Alberto Saiz

Sergio Perez’s racing skills may have convinced McLaren to sign him up but the Mexican driver is yet to hone his expertise off the track, particularly with the media.

The British team chose Perez to replace the Mercedes-bound Lewis Hamilton for 2013 in a multi-year contract, after the 22-year-old caught the attention of those in Formula 1 by registering three podiums this season.

"I think Sergio has done all the steps in the correct way, been very focused and he's been good and very tough. But in the last two years he has developed himself much more as a driver than as a person,” said Jo Ramirez, a former manager at McLaren.

But there’s one aspect where Perez may be lacking, according to the 71-year-old, who claimed that he had introduced the driver to McLaren.

"He's still a child, very young. As a driver he's full of confidence, when he talks with his engineers he really very much knows what he wants to do on the car and he doesn't let himself be convinced otherwise,” Ramirez noted.

"Where he has to learn a lot, especially going to a team like McLaren... he doesn't much like the press, he doesn't talk too much to the press. The minute he sees a press guy, he runs... so that he's got to learn. In a team like McLaren he has to be good to the press," the 71-year-old pointed out.


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