Vettel a prospect to replace Alonso at Ferrari

By Ubaid Parkar, 27 December 2012
© AP Photo/Andre Penner

Ferrari has designated Sebastian Vettel as a potential to drive for the Italian team in the future, although it clarified that the German would only serve as a replacement for Fernando Alonso.

Luca di Montezemolo, the president of Ferrari, explained that the pairing of Alonso and Vettel would be difficult as the Spaniard would be offered “optimal conditions” since he was the “best driver in the world”.

"If for whatever reason Fernando Alonso were to leave one day, maybe because he wants to retire in Hawaii with his girlfriend, then I want Vettel," di Montezemolo told Auto Motor and Sport.

“(Michael) Schumacher pointed him out to me four years ago, because he knows Vettel from his karting days,” he added. “I must say Michael was right.”

However, di Montezemolo was also open to consider Lewis Hamilton as a candidate.

"Alonso is in Ferrari. If tomorrow, and I would be very unhappy with this, he will decide to go to live in the moon then for sure Hamilton is a driver that I like very much," he told Sky Sports television.


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