Raikkonen's radio messages not 'angry or aggressive'

© F1 Pulse, 12 February 2013
© Lorenzo Bellanca/LAT Photographic/Lotus

Kimi Raikkonen may sound like an employee who is hard to work with considering the orders he gives over the radio during a Grand Prix weekend, but the Finn is no different to any other racer – except perhaps his tone.

Last year at the Abu Dhabi GP, Raikkonen’s responses to his race engineer have been marked as an almost iconic statements, characteristic of the reserved 33-year-old.

But that wasn’t the first time in the season he had said something dismissive to his race engineer Simon Rennie.

“We're currently under threat from Michael (Schumacher) behind, we need to get past (Nico) Hulkenberg,” Rennie informed Raikkonen at the Belgian GP last season suggesting that the Force India was holding up the Lotus.

“I know what I'm doing so just be quiet,” came the prompt reply from the former world champion.

Rennie, however, explains that the messages do not necessarily provide a complete picture of the team’s star driver.

“The way he sounds on the radio, it sounds like 'I am being finished',” Rennie, who has now switched to Red Bull as Mark Webber's race engineer, pointed out. “He sounds quite direct.

“To you maybe he sounds angry but a lot of the times he's just trying to get across his point,” the Brit reasoned. “So, maybe what you hear is maybe is a little bit angry or aggressive but actually it's him just being trying to be clear and concise on the radio.”

It’s a point that Raikkonen echoed.

“They know what I want to know as information and I don't need much information,” the former Ferrari driver said. “I am not a big fan of talking on the radio because I try to do my things and drive.”


Quotes from the ‘Official F1 2012 Season Review’


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