‘This is not Hollywood - this is F1,’ reminds Raikkonen

© F1 Pulse, 22 February 2013
© Glenn Dunbar/LAT Photographic/Lotus

Kimi Raikkonen remained as perplexing as ever in his recent interview with the official Formula 1 website, suggesting his approach to the sport may be clandestine but it was all simple nevertheless.

The Finn finished all but one of the 20 races last season in the points – including one win - with consistency which earned him the third spot in the standings despite a two year sabbatical from F1.

His boss Eric Boullier believed it was the driver’s race craft that ensured the Finn’s competitiveness but Raikkonen dismissed that notion.

“It is so much simpler - I do my best in the race. If it works out - good - but I don’t have any plan. Is that race craft?” he asked.

“It’s like this: sometimes it is more difficult than at other times. Sometimes you have a good car, at others you don’t. People tend to mystify simple things!” he laughed.

The 33-year-old also stayed clear about his teammate Romain Grosjean’s business, despite the Frenchman enduring a difficult season last year.

When sought clarification that he wasn’t the Jedi master taking an apprentice under his wings, Raikkonen replied, “This is not Hollywood - this is Formula 1. I try to figure out my own stuff.”


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