Graham Hill, Damon Hill and now Joshua Hill in F1?

© F1 Pulse, 11 March 2013
Graham Hill is presented with the Order of the British Empire at the Investiture at Buckingham Palace, London, November 12th 1968. Graham Hill is seen here with his wife and two children Brigette 9 and Damon 8, in the Forecourt of the Palace after the Investiture. © AP Photo

The championship-winning Hill lineage could continue in Formula 1 after Damon Hill’s son Joshua caught the attention of the sport’s boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Slated to compete in the European F3 championship this season, the winner of which will get an opportunity to test a Ferrari F1 car, the 22-year-old Josh is already carving his path towards the highest echelons of motorsport.

The 82-year-old Ecclestone admitted that it would be “fantastic” to have the son of 1996 champion Damon and 60s’ double champion and grandfather Graham to make his way into F1.

"You need a South American country; we're looking for one," Damon Hill told Reuters jokingly referring to Williams’ Pastor Maldonado, who has the backing of Venezuela’s state-owned oil company. "Chile, Argentina, any one will do.

"I'm sure that quite a lot of people look at F1 and think: 'Well, it's only for people in the know, with the right connections.' You can't deny that, it's probably true. But then, if you want to get into F1, that's part of the game too.

"You have to find out who you can convince to get your hands on the right equipment to get in there. That's part of your competitiveness," the 52-year-old explained.

Joshua has been racing since 2008, winning the British Ginetta Junior Winter Series that year and has added several more race victories in other categories since.


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