Renault left unsatisfied with Red Bull alliance

© F1 Pulse, 12 March 2013
© AP Photo/Miguel Angel Morenatti

The three successive double world titles clinched by Red Bull have done little for its engine supplier Renault.

The French manufacturer has been furnishing engines to the defending champions since 2007 but the recent success has been overshadowed largely by the Formula 1 team, run by the Austrian energy drinks company.

“We are frustrated by the lack of recognition we get for beating the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes,” Renault boss Carlos Tavares told Autocar. “It is true that I think we deserve better.”

“But part of that problem at least must lie with our global marketing team. It is clear that we must create a bigger buzz around what we do. We are world champions, we are able to sell our engines to the teams because of that, but we do not get enough recognition beyond that,” he pointed out.

Red Bull also sports the Infiniti brand, which is Nissan's luxury vehicle division. The Japanese carmaker has been in an alliance with Renault since 1999.

"(Tavares) also admitted that alliance partner Infiniti’s branding deal with Red Bull lessened Renault’s benefit from powering the team to success," reported Autocar.

Two years ago, had asked Renault Sport F1’s then managing director Jean-Francois Caubet whether the company was gaining adequate exposure in F1 to which the Frenchman had replied that the official names of the teams were enough.


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