Red Bull's lack of pace leaves championship open

© F1 Pulse, 17 March 2013
© Paul Gilham/Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

Expected to blitz from pole position , Sebastian Vettel instead found himself on the lowest rung of the podium at the Australian Grand Prix suggesting that the dominance of Red Bull was only limited to qualifying.

A front-row lock out earlier in the day indicated that the defending champions were by far the favourites to win the race but Vettel finished third and teammate Mark Webber, who had a KERS failure, in sixth.

"Obviously there is a bit of homework to do for the next race regarding the tyres,” Vettel was quoted by Reuters adding that he couldn’t match the times set by race-winner Kimi Raikkonen and second-placed Fernando Alonso.

Ferrari and now Lotus have emerged as Red Bull's chief rivals this season.

"I think you're always a little disappointed when you start first and don't finish first," said the German explaining that the car was a little too aggressive with the tyres.

Webber’s troubles were further compounded with the clutch at the start and the lack of telemetry.

"In the end, we managed to salvage something from (it)," the Australian said. "There is a lot to go, but I think the disappointing thing for us as a team was that we weren't probably as strong as we thought we'd be.”


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