Furious Webber flipped the bird at Vettel in Malaysia

© F1 Pulse, 26 March 2013
© Mark Thompson/Getty Images/Red Bull Racing

Mark Webber was so furious at Sebastian Vettel for ignoring team orders and battling for the lead to win the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday, that the Australian not only indecently gestured at his teammate but also cut across the German at the finish line.

Vettel won at Sepang after he fought Webber on the track to snatch the lead from the 36-year-old, who was conserving his tyres, in a move that the defending world champion apologised for after the race.

But when Vettel had pulled away a bit after overtaking, Webber flipped the bird at his teammate from his cockpit with his left hand, although it is unclear on which exact lap he had raised the middle finger.

When the race ended, Vettel crossed the finish line close to the Red Bull pit wall, as a part of a customary celebration routine, while Webber stayed clear on the other side of the track, clearly unhappy with his team. [VIEW PHOTO]

This was followed by Webber dangerously cutting across Vettel, missing the left front wheel by only a few inches, to further show his resentment at the result.

So heated was the episode, that Red Bull called off its team victory photograph.


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