Budget could halt Lotus' title bid

© F1 Pulse, 26 March 2013
© AP Photo/Raymond Ho

Despite starting the season with a victory, Lotus’ charge for the championship this season could be cut short due to the limited budget that the team possesses relative to its rivals.

Much of challenge depends on the development of the cars throughout the course of the season, but Lotus’ resources to keep up with the usual frontrunners may just not be enough – at least for now.

“Yeah there was a big question mark last year in our team whether we can keep up with the bigger teams,” Kimi Raikkonen said after winning the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. “Of course it’s not going to be easy for us.

“I’m sure we have the people, all the tools to make it. The money is a big part of the thing. For sure we don’t have the same budget as Ferrari or Red Bull or Mercedes but we could show last year that… we did pretty well on the money and the things we have,” the 33-year-old Finn pointed out optimistically.

“I have no doubt we have the people and the tools but of course if we get more money it will help and it will give us a better chance and more fair play against the bigger teams,” the 2007 world champion continued. “We have good plans, and if we can follow it up it might be good, it might not. It’s a long season."

It has already emerged that Lotus introduced only one set of upgrades at each of the two Grands Prix this season so far, with both the said packages fitted on Raikkonen's car, leaving teammate Romain Grosjean at a disadvantage.


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