Hamilton rejected Red Bull future as team has 'clear one and two'?

© F1 Pulse, 26 March 2013
© F1 Pulse (AP Photos by Rob Griffith)

It could be entirely possible that Lewis Hamilton didn’t sign for Red Bull this season as he believes that the defending champions has always favoured its number one driver.

At the Malaysian Grand Prix on Sunday, Sebastian Vettel defied team orders and overtook teammate Mark Webber for the win, with Red Bull stating that there was nothing it could do to correct it during the race.

In contrast, Nico Rosberg held his position behind teammate Lewis Hamilton, who finished on the podium as instructed by team principal Ross Brawn, with Red Bull’s motorsport advisor pointing out that it was a clear case of favouritism.

It has recently emerged that Hamilton was seeking a Red Bull drive for 2013 and was pushing Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone last year for the seat although the 28-year-old denied any such claims, clarifying that he had assessed several options.

Ecclestone had stated that negotiations involved Hamilton teaming up with Vettel, should Webber decide not to renew his contract.

In light of the comments made by Marko, Hamilton responded indicating that he had always known that one driver took precedent over the other at Red Bull.

"They (Red Bull) have a clear one and two, they always have," Hamilton was quoted saying by Reuters. "And that is why they have always had the problems they have had.”

"We don't have a one and two here (at Mercedes). I have always said, from the moment I was speaking to the team, that I wanted equality,” he pointed out signifying that Red Bull may not have made that option clear.”

Since the time Vettel and Webber have been teammates at Red Bull, the German has convincingly beaten the Australian in the last four seasons, which included three titles for the 25-year-old.

"I am not a driver that comes and requests that (favoured status) like a lot of other drivers do. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror (and say) you won fair and square," he added.

Hamilton was unhappy with the team orders issued at Mercedes at Sepang, admitting that Rosberg deserved to be on the podium instead of him.


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