Pirelli tyres making F1 like WWE

© F1 Pulse, 15 April 2013
© AP Photo/Mel Evans

With teams’ tyre troubles dominating the headlines in Formula 1 since the arrival of Pirelli, several drivers have questioned the current direction the sport is veering towards.

During the Chinese Grand Prix weekend, Lewis Hamilton believed that the option tyre, the soft, wasn’t the right tyre for the circuit, as the compound disintegrated after only a handful of laps.

This was evident during the race, when none of the drivers did more than seven laps on the tyres marked in yellow.

"It will all look good in the first five or six laps, having everyone fighting, but it's a little bit WWF at the moment," Webber was quoted saying by Autosport, referring to the now called World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). "Whatever fuel load you have got in the car, if you race people, you are in trouble. So just don't race, put the tyre on and just try and get home."

Hamilton didn’t feel particularly comfortable with these tyres either pointing out that it didn’t last very long, an assessment shared by Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg.

"With those tyres it is more of a question of how many corners you are going to get to, rather than laps!” the German said.

None of the teams are spared by the quick-degrading Pirellis, as they try to figure out various setups and strategies to get to the end of the race.

During qualifying in Shanghai, several teams made late runs in the session, option to conserve their tyres for longevity in the race.

"I totally agree with qualifying being a bit up in the air, and also cars were running very late in Q1, Q2 and Q3," Jenson Button said. "In Q3, there was one car in the garage, and two cars driving around like 'Miss Daisy' - one of them was me.


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