Red Bull needs '10 to 15 pit stops' to show real pace

© F1 Pulse, 3 May 2013
© AP Photo/Raymond Ho

Red Bull is confident that it has the fastest car this season but admittedly has been severely handicapped by the quick-degrading Pirellis, which is consequently masking the true pace of the car.

Red Bull has been critical of the tyres this season, despite Sebastian Vettel winning two of the first four races and claiming a podium in one and a fourth place in the other.

Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of Red Bull, has nevertheless slammed the current state of Formula 1 citing that the racing has not been real, an opinion shared by many critics of the sport.

"Formula 1 no longer has anything to do with 'classic' racing," Mateschitz was quoted saying by the Mirror. "Today, it's not the fastest driver in the fastest car who wins, but the one with the optimum tyre management.

"If we really went as fast as we can, we would need 10 to 15 pit stops," he added.

Pirelli is in its final year of its contract as a supplier of tyres in F1, and consequently has demanded the sport to hasten the decision whether it prefers to extend the agreement with the Italian manufacturer beyond 2013.

Teams, however, are certain that the situation would be resolved soon.

"For sure, we cannot run without tyres unless we go back to the Flintstones' time," Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali was quoted saying by Autosport. "That is a situation that honestly I don't think will happen.

"Because there is no alternative we will find very soon a solution and I am sure that Pirelli has already given the sign that it wants to be here in the future.

"That's positive, because no tyres, no championship!” Domenicali pointed out.


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