Hamilton's prank reportedly costs Mercedes $120,000

© F1 Pulse, 24 May 2013
© Daimler

Lewis Hamilton made a costly mistake at the glamorous harbour in Monaco on Wednesday after the British driver reportedly sprayed water at television crew and photographers.

The Mercedes driver was giving a jet ski a run with media personnel following the Briton on a boat when Hamilton decided to make an extra sharp turn and spray water on the photographers.

“An expensive prank,” reported the Blick as the TV and photographers’ cameras were soaked and damaged. A mobile phone was believed to be damaged as well.

The incident cost Mercedes $120,000 as the team was said to have paid for the damages.

Mercedes, however, claims that the story is untrue.

"The TV equipment is fine, as Sky themselves confirmed to journalists asking questions yesterday," the team was quoted saying by The F1 Times.

"One photographer who failed to protect his camera equipment got some water inside it. But not specifically from something Lewis did. As he is a freelancer, we will make the goodwill gesture of helping to repair/replace the equipment," the team said.


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