Ricciardo calls Grosjean an 'idiot' for Monaco crash

© F1 Pulse, 31 May 2013
© Andrew Ferraro/Lotus

Daniel Ricciardo called Romain Grosjean “an idiot” after the Lotus driver collided into the rear of the Australian’s Toro Rosso at the Monaco Grand Prix ending both the drivers’ race.

Labelled as a “first lap nutcase” last year for causing several incidents on the opening lap – most notably at the Belgian GP for which he collected a one-race ban – Grosjean had a terrible outing in Monte Carlo when he crashed four times over the weekend.

With three crashes in the three practice sessions on Thursday and Saturday, the latter which nearly sidelined him from qualifying, the Frenchman compounded his weekend when on lap 62 he ran into the back of the Toro Rosso, as the two battled for 13th place.

The incident occurred as the pair exited the Tunnel and was braking for the Chicane.

“Sometimes when things like this happen, you want to blow off steam but by that point I really couldn’t be bothered shouting and screaming at Grosjean,” Ricciardo said. “It was a disappointing end to a deeply unsatisfying weekend and I didn’t want to waste the energy yelling ‘screw you, what the hell were you thinking?’ I just said ‘you’re an idiot’, and that was it.”

Ricciardo described the impact from the crash as "pretty hard" with the damage to the Toro Rosso "pretty extensive" with the FIA ruling that it was Grosjean who was the cause of the collision, for which he was handed a ten-place grid penalty for the Canadian GP.

"For myself it was a trip to see the stewards’. I’m not surprised Romain picked up a penalty: we were in the stewards’ office together and, to be honest, I didn’t need to say much," Ricciardo said. "They had the data and once I saw the video, it was pretty much what I thought it had been. Tom Kristensen (driver steward) was there and he’s experienced enough to understand that type of collision."

The 23-year-old, however, confessed that he wasn't looking good for a points finish as he lacked the pace,

"It’s a funny sort of positive to take away but I’d have felt a lot worse if I’d been in the top ten at that stage," he said.

"We’re not racing against too many muppets and those guys are aware of when and where you’re going to attack, and they defend, so it tends to be a race of follow-the-leader," he added.

Grosjean had blamed the Australian for the collision stating that the Toro Rosso had braked too early. He also felt his failure to make the final round of qualifying was partly Ricciardo's fault.


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