Mercedes could quit Formula 1

© F1 Pulse, 3 June 2013
© Mercedes

Mercedes could consider pulling out of Formula 1 over the bribery scandal involving sport’s boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Currently caught in a rift over ‘secret’ tyre testing with Pirelli, the German manufacturer’s parent company, Daimler, considered the involvement of the 82-year-olds’s part in the bribery allegations as inappropriate.

A clause in the carmaker’s F1 contract can allow Mercedes to walk away from the sport should it deem its activities inapt.

"We can pull out of the sport and we would use the appropriate clauses if necessary," Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, who is responsible for Daimler's integrity and legal affairs, was quoted saying by DPA.

Last year, Mercedes threatened to quit F1 over the terms offered in the new Concorde Agreement, a confidential arrangement between F1 management, teams and other stakeholders which outlines the commercial terms under which they participate, which is yet to be signed.


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