Hembery skips press conference amid testing storm

© F1 Pulse, 7 June 2013
© Pirelli

Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery opted to skip the official press conference he was scheduled to attend by motorsport’s governing body on Friday on the basis of legal advice.

The FIA had lined up, along with Hembery, Ross Brawn of Mercedes, which has been at the centre of the controversial tyre testing. The topic was expected to erupt during the press conference.

“Paul Hembery unlikely to be fined for non-attendance of FIA presser as he does not belong to a team whose members are required to attend,” journalist Ian Parkes mentioned on his Twitter page.

Mercedes has been summoned by the International Tribunal for alleged breach of regulations.

"If ever you’re going to a tribunal any lawyer will tell you at that point you have a formal process to follow, which we’re happy to follow," Hembery was quoted saying by journalist Adam Cooper's blog.

"We want to be able to demonstrate our point of view, our situation (at the tribunal)," he added. "It’s not nice sometimes to hear things that you know are maybe quite wide of the mark. I guess when you’re quiet, then people can also use their imagination."

Stefano Domenicali and Christian Horner, team principals of Ferrari and Red Bull respectively – teams which lodged the protest against Mercedes in regards to the test – were also scheduled for the press conference.


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