Learn to race with Jenson Button and Mobil 1

© Mobil 1, 21 June 2013

• New 3D racing game teaches motorsports fans how to race, with tutorials from Jenson Button and NASCAR ace Tony Stewart
• Players can customise their virtual cars and upgrade engines to improve performance on track
• Mobil 1 Racing Academy Advanced is a free online 3D gaming experience designed by Mobil 1

Motorsport fans are in for an exciting year as Mobil 1T gives them the exclusive opportunity to learn the art of racing from 2009 Formula 1 drivers' champion, Jenson Button, and NASCAR ace Tony Stewart.

Players of the enhanced free online 3D game, Mobil 1 Racing Academy Advanced, will be given the inside line on how to race through video tutorials delivered by both racing stars. These will provide them with insider tips on grid starts, finding the racing line and overtaking. Other enhancements to the game include the ability to make improvements to cars, choosing the bodywork colour, and upgrading the engine in order to gain an advantage on track.

© Mobil 1

Players experience the game on three distinct skill levels for each racer. Those who choose to trace the career of McLaren driver Jenson Button will compete in Karting, then Formula 3, and finally Grand Prix racing. Those racing as Tony Stewart will progress from Midget Car, to IndyCar, and finally to NASCAR.

Fans will be mentored by the two superstars every step of the way, with tips for each series, game-stage relevant career overviews and sound bites to encourage the players. Points are awarded to players according to race place and game level. Gamers can also share the tutorials on social media.

Dan McGoldrick, Field Marketing UK, Nordic and Benelux for ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants, makers of Mobil 1, said “Based on feedback from players of Mobil 1’s previous racing games, our team wanted to maximise the user experience by bringing the race track to life with exclusive tutorials from Jenson Button and Tony Stewart. Their tips heighten the experience for motorsports fans, providing them with a unique chance to learn from the best.”

Mobil 1 Racing Academy Advanced is the fifth game to be released by the Mobil 1 team, building on the success of the 2012 Mobil 1 Racing Academy, which achieved over 5 million gameplays.

The Mobil 1 Racing Academy Advanced is also available to play on the Mobil 1 Facebook page. For more information about Mobil 1, go to www.mobil1.co.uk.


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