Hamilton says he wasted his best years at McLaren

© F1 Pulse, 25 June 2013
© AP Photo/Manish Swarup

Lewis Hamilton lamented over missing out on opportunities to add to his solitary world title at McLaren, stating that he was never given an adequate car after his championship in 2008.

Now with Mercedes, the British driver is desperate to win multiple world titles, which he believed was now a new landmark to gauge success in Formula 1.

"Time is slipping away," Hamilton told The Sunday Times' Driving Magazine. "It's been five years since I won the world championship. When I was in the lower categories I would win a championship every year or every other year.

"There are a lot of drivers that haven't won a world championship, so I feel at least grateful that I have one, although one is less prestigious now because so many people have won a championship.

“Now the people who have two or three or four: (that's what) makes you special," he pointed out referring to Sebastian Vettel’s three titles and Fernando Alonso’s two.

"I got to F1 and nearly won in my first year, then won I won in my second year," Hamilton recalled. "I've never had a car to really compete since then. The car makes such a big difference so you're just wasting away your best years.

"I'm getting older and I don't have forever in this sport," he added.


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