TV cameraman hospitalised after violent hit by stray wheel

© F1 Pulse, 7 July 2013
© AP Photo/Pool/Srdjan Suki

In a bizarre incident at the German Grand Prix on Sunday, a television cameraman was struck by a loose wheel, which flew through the air in the pit lane, resulting in the personnel to be hospitalised.

On lap nine of the race at the Nurburgring, Mark Webber pitted for a fresh set of tyres but left the box early with his rear-right tyre not completely fitted.

As the Australian got into the pit lane, the wheel came off and headed towards the Lotus mechanics, who jumped out of its way. The wheel continued and hit the FOM cameraman on the left hand side. He had his back turned as he was filming a Lotus which was about to exit the pits.

Identified as Paul Allen, the Briton was flat on the ground and received help from the Mercedes doctors. He was believed to be suffering from chest pain and a concussion due to the violent impact.

He remained conscious was taken to the medical centre immediately after following which he was transferred to a hospital by helicopter to be kept under observation. [PHOTOS]

Allen had a broken shoulder and cracked ribs but was otherwise alright.

“Further information from the hospital will be provided as soon as it becomes available," read a statement issued by the sport’s governing body.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner was relieved to know that the cameraman did not suffer serious injury.

"It’s a timely reminder that working in the pit lane is dangerous. Everyone reacted incredibly quickly," Horner said. "And the most important thing is to hear that he seems to be fundamentally okay."

Red Bull was fined €30,000 ($38,650) for releasing Webber too soon.

"I knew we had lost the tyre in the pit stop of course, but not that someone got hit by it. That's bad and I hope he is OK, that's the main thing," said Webber.


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