Radio problems hindered Raikkonen in Germany

© F1 Pulse, 7 July 2013
© Andrew Ferraro/Lotus

Kimi Raikkonen could have had a smoother race and perhaps even a likely victory at the German Grand Prix on Sunday had his radio functioned properly.

The Finn finished the race in second place, just a second behind winner Sebastian Vettel after a late charge brought him within touching distance of the Red Bull.

"Kimi you must talk after Turn 12," Lotus instructed Raikkonen on lap 47 of 60 adding that he couldn’t be heard anywhere else on the circuit.

Admittedly, it wasn’t an ideal situation for the title contender.

“I could hear them but they couldn’t hear me,” Raikkonen clarified. “It only worked in one part of the circuit and unfortunately there was quite a lot to discuss and it didn’t work.”

Raikkonen had made his final pit stop on lap 50 although Lotus was considering running the driver longer and even mulled over a two-stopper for the Finn.

“But we had a massive problem with the radio,” he said. “I could hear them but they could only hear me between two corners. So I’m wondering if we should have done it, take a gamble and try to go to the end because the tyres were pretty OK.”

Raikkonen, though, admitted that it was strategy that could have made a difference as the car didn’t have the speed to win.

“The race should have been a bit longer, maybe then we could have had a good chance,” he pointed out.

Much to the relief of Vettel.

“Very happy that the race ended after 60 laps and not 61 or 62,” said the German.


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