Punishment for Mercedes for tyre test wasn’t enough

© F1 Pulse, 6 August 2013
© AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti

Mercedes gained an advantage after its illegal and controversial tyre test in Barcelona earlier this year, according to Ferrari, which has allowed the German manufacturer to propel itself potentially in the title fight.

After being pronounced guilty at the International Tribunal, Mercedes was banned from the young driver test at Silverstone, but Ferrari argued that the punishment wasn’t enough and it was evident from the team’s recent results.

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo called Pirelli’s tyre test with Mercedes a farce “without even paying the right penalty for it.”

“In this case, I would have expected more clarity and courage from the FIA,” he said in an interview with Italian publication Corriere della Sera. “On the other hand, the benefits gained by the team that carried out the secret banned testing are watched by everyone: before then, it had not won a single Grand Prix, then after the test it won three out of five races.”

Mercedes is currently second in the constructors’ championship after Nico Rosberg’s wins in Monaco and Silverstone and Lewis Hamilton’s victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

“These are the sort of serious incidents that affect F1’s credibility and alter the championship,” di Montezemolo pointed out.


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