Permanent driver numbers revealed, entry list confirmed

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Sebastian Vettel will race in the 2014 Formula One season with the number 1 on his car as the German decided to continue with it despite the opportunity of using his permanently assigned number.

The reigning world champion, however, has chosen No. 5 as his number for the rest of the career, which he will run when he loses the title.

Most of the other drivers opted for numbers they carried during their karting days including Daniel Ricciardo (No. 3), Lewis Hamilton (No. 44) and Fernando Alonso (No. 14).

Alonso chose 14 as he won a karting championship at the age of 14 on July 14 in kart number 14. In contrast, his teammate Kimi Raikkonen's choice could not get any more simpler.

“There’s no particular story linked to it,” Raikkonen told “It’s the number I already had last year and I saw no reason to change it. I like it which is good enough isn’t it?”

Nico Rosberg requested No.6 as that was the number his father Keke featured on his Williams when he won the title in 1982.

Pastor Maldonado, who had originally requested for No. 3, broke F1’s superstitions and opted for No. 13.

The governing body had clarified that in case two drivers choose the same number, the one who finished higher in the standings would be given preference. Hence, it is Daniel Ricciardo who will run as No. 3.

"Reason for #3 is it was my first ever number in karting and I was also a fan of Dale Earnhardt," Ricciardo explained referring to the NASCAR driver who carried the same number.

Jenson Button opted for No. 22, the number in which he won his 2009 title, while Sergio Perez got No. 11.

"Ever since I was a kid I always wore the 11, in karting. Actually my email has 11 in it as well," he had said. "A lot of things have to do with 11 so I identified myself with that number."

Adrian Sutil went for the highest number available with No. 99.

No one chose No. 2, often referred to in F1 as the supporting driver to his teammate.

Number Driver
1* Sebastian Vettel
3 Daniel Ricciardo
44 Lewis Hamilton
6 Nico Rosberg
14 Fernando Alonso
7 Kimi Raikkonen
8 Romain Grosjean
13 Pastor Maldonado
22 Jenson Button
20 Kevin Magnussen
27 Nico Hulkenberg
11 Sergio Perez
99 Adrian Sutil
21 Esteban Gutierrez
25 Jean-Eric Vergne
26 Daniil Kvyat
19 Felipe Massa
77 Valtteri Bottas
17 Jules Bianchi
TBA Max Chilton

* For the duration of his F1 career, Sebastian Vettel chose No. 5.


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