Ferrari ready to settle for best of the rest tag in 2014

© F1 Pulse, 5 June 2014
© AP Photo/Claude Paris

With Mercedes having scored thrice as many points as Ferrari after the first six races of the season, the drivers of the Italian outfit are understandably looking to focus their efforts into next year.

A deficit of 162 points and a paltry podium appearance this season against Mercedes’ might has convinced Fernando Alonso that the revised target for Ferrari this year should be clinching second spot in the constructors’ championship.

Red Bull currently holds on to Ferrari’s hopes by a margin of 21 points.

"Whatever these updates provide us with, we just need to keep working on both sides - on this year, because we need to be fighting for important things like the second place in the constructors' championship, and for next year,” said the Spaniard.

"We can't do anything this year that will compromise next year's car. We need to keep developing in 2014 because many things will carry on for next year's car,” he pointed out.

Alonso has scored half the points of championship leader Nico Rosberg and is currently third in the drivers’ standings.

Teammate Kimi Raikkonen, who has already ruled himself out from the title race, is in 12th place with just 17 points on board with the Finn also discounting a likely Ferrari win anytime soon.

"There are many small things and hopefully once we fix those we will be where we want to be but it is a long process, it is not going to happen in three weeks,” Raikkonen said.

"It is very hard for anyone to challenge (Mercedes for the title) unfortunately,” he added.


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