Teammate upstaging Hamilton in qualifying unprecedented

© F1 Pulse, 5 August 2014
© AP Photo/Luca Bruno

Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying results relative to his teammate have been twice as worse than before this season ever since the Briton stepped in Formula One in 2007.

The Mercedes driver has been out-qualified by his teammate for an unprecedented seven Grands Prix in a row. Hamilton had never been outpaced by a teammate in qualifying for more than three straight GPs before, which happened on three previous occasions, the last of which was in early 2013 when Nico Rosberg took three successive pole positions.

But this season, the statistic is skewed against Hamilton as reliability issues in Germany and Hungary robbed him of a chance of ending his current streak. His awful luck meant that he started behind a teammate at the Hungarian GP for the first time in his career.

The woeful run started in Monaco, where Rosberg controversially erred in his final flying lap and forced a yellow flag situation, wherein Hamilton had to back off.

But Hamilton’s qualifying misery continued after the 2008 world champion locked up on his final flying lap in Canada, spun out in his attempt in Austria and misjudged the changing conditions at Silverstone.

After the British GP, Hamilton had officially registered his worst qualifying streak relative to his teammate and that was compounded with reliability issues in the following two Grands Prix.

Rosberg has revelled in Hamilton’s issues claiming the last six pole positions for Mercedes with the German leading 8:4 in qualifying against his teammate this season.

The four occasions when Hamilton upstaged Rosberg in qualifying were the Grands Prix where he had got pole.

Although Hamilton can definitely be excused for Germany and Hungary, and perhaps even Monaco despite admitting that he should have done better on his banker lap, his mistakes during qualifying at the Canadian, Austrian and the British GPs definitely count against him.

At the Belgian GP on Saturday, Rosberg managed to out-shine Hamilton yet again this time in wet conditions as the German continued his strong run.

Rosberg is the first teammate to have out-qualified Hamilton in three successive Grands Prix on two separate occasions.


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