Ricciardo on his favourite Italian things

© Red Bull Racing, 1 September 2014
© AP Photo/MTI, Szilard Koszticsak

With the Italian Grand Prix next on the calendar, Daniel Ricciardo tells us in this Q&A released by Red Bull Racing all the Italian things he likes. Strangely, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a Ferrari is missing from the list.

Q: Favourite Italian food/meal?

A: Pizza or gnocchi al ragu

Q: Favourite pizza topping?

A: That's a difficult choice. Let's say speck and mascarpone

Q: Espresso, cafe latte, cappuccino or americano?

A: Cappuccino

© AP Photo/Massimo Pinca

Q: Favourite flavour of gelato?

A: Stracciatella - it's like chocolate chip. It's good, it just gets you by!

Q: Favourite Italian word?

A: 'Strepitoso', it’s like a very exaggerated word for amazing. If something is 'strepitoso' then it’s out of this world!

Q: Best Italian expression your relations have taught you (parents, grandparents etc.)

A: 'Grande!' I used to say that a lot - it was the first word I learnt when I lived in Italy, if things are good then just say grande!

Q: Favourite Serie A team

A: I'm not a big soccer fan, but guess that would be Juventus

Q: Favourite place in Italy and you're not allowed to name a race track?

Valentino Rossi tests a Ferrari F1 car at Mugello in Nov. 2008 © AP Photo/Lorenzo Galassi

A: Viareggio - I lived there when I was younger, when I was racing. It's on the coast near Pisa and is sort of a beach town. It was a good year that I lived there.

Q: Monza, Mugello, Misano, Vallelunga or Imola?

A: Mugello - it's fast and flowing

Q: Favourite famous Italian person?

A: Valentino Rossi!

Q: Top Italian racing driver?

A: Tazio Nuvolari


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